One in five adults, approximately 43.8 million Americans, experience a mental health disorder each year.

NAMI Waukesha inspires the hope of recovery and deepens the understanding of mental health conditions for individuals, families and communities. All donations help us continue to offer all of our unique programs for individuals and families affected by mental health conditions in Waukesha County including the Court Support & Advocacy program and Projects Assisting in Transition from Homelessness Program. 

Here is the inspiring story of one family who shows that recovery is possible. This video donated by Pixelbox Visual Design this video was originally shown at Blue Jean Bingo 2017. 

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

In the lives of Individuals affected by mental Health conditions

 NAMI Waukesha has a long history of advocating for individuals affected by mental illness. One way we do this is by offering Peer-to-Peer, a 10 week course designed to help individuals affected by mental illness achieve and maintain recovery. With your help NAMI Waukesha also offers the Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness Program and the SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery Program for individuals affected by mental illness and who are also experiencing homelessness.


In the lives of families affected by mental health conditions

 Family -to-Family is a course facilitated by trained family members who have lived with a loved one diagnosed with mental illness.  Because of you, NAMI Waukesha was able to offer four 12 week courses during 2015 and graduated 48 individuals.  NAMI Basics is a newly developed education class for families who have a child (under the age of 18) affected by mental health challenges. NAMI Waukesha presented its first Basics Class in 2014 and graduated 6 families. In 2015,  two NAMI Basics classes have been offered with 16 graduates. NAMI Waukesha’s Court Support & Advocacy Program provides a court advocate for families involved in the Chapter 51 Involuntary Commitment Process. The court advocate offers education, support and advocacy for these families. During 2015 the NAMI Waukesha Court Advocate was present at 303 Chapter 51 hearings providing support and advocacy for 264 families. 


In the Community 

Since 1982, NAMI Waukesha has worked to improve the understanding of mental illness and share the hope of recovery by offering information, support, education and advocacy services. We strive to enlighten the public with the goal of erasing the stigma, guilt, shame, fear, ignorance and discrimination that negatively impacts the lives of people affected by mental illness. With your support we were able to offer a number of monthly educational programs, Crisis Intervention Team Training, Stories of Hope Presentations and a number of other educational presentations to the Waukesha County Community.



If you would like any additional information about how your donation makes a difference in the lives of those impacted by mental health conditions in our community please contact Andrea.

P (262) 409-2742

 Nami Waukesha One in Four PPL experience Mental Illness Graphic
"NAMI Waukesha was a hope, it was a light. When I needed help and I was willing to ask for and accept that help, NAMI was there. They helped give me confidence and their caring enabled me to care for others." Mike

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